Buy Diesel Engine Oil for Heavy duty engines in Nigeria



United Grease & Lubricants Co. LLC with its brand name 'SCOPE' was established in the year 2001. The plant has undergone a series of developments and expansion and is now one of the most technologically advance plants in the middle east.


Category: Diesel Engine Oils

Scope Lubricants is a leading supplier of diesel engine oil of the highest quality. Diesel fuel, commonly known as diesel oil, is a flammable liquid that is used as a fuel for diesel engines.

It is often made from crude oil fractions that are less volatile than those used in gasoline. For a smooth and flawless engine operation, we ensure that our synthetic diesel oil has outstanding compression ignition properties.

Diesel Engine Oil ensures better fuel economy

Diesel motor oil releases more energy during combustion than equal amounts of gasoline, resulting in higher fuel economy in diesel engines. Furthermore, because the manufacturing of diesel oil needs fewer refining stages than gasoline, diesel fuel has generally had lower retail prices.

High Performing Synthetic Diesel Motor Oil

Scope Lubricant diesel engine oil is built mostly of high-grade base lubricants and is a totally synthetic motor oil. These additions help to enhance the chemical constitution of this motor oil, allowing for increased efficiency.

Despite being severe on particles, it won’t harm the vehicle’s hardware. The chemical stands out as a solution that is tough in the correct places (descaling and cleansing) yet delicate in others.

Minimizes Cost and Provide Excellent Efficiency

Scope Lubricant diesel engine oil is known for being put to the test under the most extreme situations. Its synthetic formula has been approved by a number of automakers, but it works especially effectively in late-model diesel engines.

The formula’s ability to reduce oil use persuaded us. Drivers frequently drain out the same quantity they put in when changing it after 5,000 miles. This diesel oil is low-wear, extremely efficient, and still costs less than you’d pay otherwise for a single change.